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Perfect shave

Perfect Shave With Our Products, online for saleA good shave takes 3 minutes, a perfect shave takes 5 minutes!!!

A lot of men think they can only shave with an electric razor because their beard is to strong or their skin is to sensitive.

This is usually due to bad shaving or the use of wrong shaving products. It is very important to take a little time to prepare your skin for shaving.

Make shure your skin is clean. First take a shower or wash your face with warm water. This will open the pores so the skin can absorb the products properly.

Apply a bit of pre shave oil. This oil will protect the skin and makes the hair softer.

Lather the beard area with a badger shaving using a circular motion to build up a good layer. To lather above the top lip, squeeze the brush between thumb and fingers. Moisten the brush several times with warm water.

Change your razor blades regular. Shave the first time, without too much pressure in the direction of hair growth. Re-lather, and shave the second time against the direction of hair growth.

Very important !! Always keep your skin tight to avoid small cuts.

Rinse the skin with cold water and use a alum block to close the pores.

Finally apply a bit of aftershave, this will keep the skin soft and flexible to avoid ingrown hair and razor burn.

Only apply Eau de toilette or perfume to the side of the neck or the chest.

Have a perfect shave, enjoy !!

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